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The SnowyLove Story

Rebekah Perez Cat Kitties Rescue

Hey everyone! Did you know that my cat is named Snowy? Snowy just so happens to be my baby, my most adored kitty. I've had him since he was a few weeks old. He was rescued in 2002 from the behind a manufacturing plant, along with his siblings. When I call him, I say "come here Snowy Love" hence the name for my shop became SnowyLove. I started rescuing homeless cats off streets & from feral communities some years back. Funding is so limited in my small town, so I decided to open the shop to help me generate funds for caring for my rescues. I can say that it has been the most rewarding experience ever. I just want to thank you all, for being a part of this awesome story! XOXO

  • Carla Chapman on

    Love love your store and this story! Thank you for encouraging me to take a rescue kitty- I love my Jobuz so very much! And your rescue adventure is amazing- and so are you!

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